Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Parley's Nature Park

The other day we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go check out Parley's since D had never been.

It was a nice walk and fun to explore stuff we didn't know was there.

We found this aqueduct.

I was pretty interested to what we would find though the tunnel but we didn't venture in.

There were fresh animal tracks in the mud...there are lots of dogs up there but the nail marks looked pretty sharp and I didn't want to find out.

We did find an interesting "chamber"

D was the first to check it out.

We joked that it was a dungeon...but in reality it was the wine cellar for Joseph Pudler.

Not as exciting as a dungeon.

We also came across a wild Pokemon.

As well as some interesting graffiti. I guess there was paint to spare after decorating suicide rock?

We ended up watching the dogs play in the water.

It was so funny at how excited the gods were to play with each other in the water...COLD water.

On the way back we spotted a giant sock monkey and had way too many questions.

Another great day out exploring.

As much as we LOVE winter and the snow, we are looking forward to the warmer weather to get back out and exploring again.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Life Lately

As of late we have just been going through the rhythms of everyday life.

Enjoying the warmer temperatures...

While I would still like to have another snow before winter is over I have been enjoying not having the heater on all the time, and sleeping with the window open again is quite nice.

We have been enjoying the fresh growth around us, as well as moss on the trees.

We finally made a trip over to the local Japanese market for some lunch...

It was really delicious.

The market its self though small has everything that I need and the vibe is so much more mellow then the other Asian markets in the area.

We WILL be back!

We also finally got our passports...now to use them!

We also made it up to Brighton to actually snowboard...

The weather was perfect....bluebird conditions.

Unfortunately we have learned that snowboarding is just not our sport.

Dorking around at the park is one thing but being from the world of skateboarding where you can constantly reposition your feet none of us could deal with being strapped in.

That being said...a snowskate is in order for next winters fun.

On a bright note despite all the falls, freak outs and tears we were some of the lucky ones that were able to walk to the car and drive down the mountain on our own accord.

Sadly some others that day were not so lucky.

That being said we did not walk away uninjured.

While helping V we got too much speed and while trying to turn to stop we tumbled down on each other.

I fell right onto the edge of his board...

Needless to say my thigh is a bit damaged......It has got worse since the photo but now has turned a lovely shade of purple and yellow. 

I didn't really realize how ugly it was until I tried on some shorts at target (the only mirror in the house is over the bathroom sink)

Good thing it isn't summertime.

After riding on both powder at the park and the groomed/packed snow on the slope I now understand why people take the risk and ride backcountry.

Powder is just soooooo much nicer.

We have also been purging more items from our life. Just when you think that you have got rid of everything you don't really need there is always another box ready to go to the thrift. 

I think we have brought about 3 more loads to the thrift and then some to friends. 

It feels good to lighten the load.

I have been cooking and trying new recipes...

I made another batch of apple butter (we go though this like crazy)

And found out that one of our Indian places we enjoy now has thali. 

For some reason there aren't many who have them up here so we were more then happy when we found out.

So thats what we have been up to as of late...

Friday, February 3, 2017

Bluebird Days

We decided to head on up to Brighton the other day.

We figured it would be a prefect day to go walk around the lake and get some photos and explore in the fresh air.

The drive up was really nice. I just love seeing snow covered trees...just perfect.

Sadly once we got there we were denied.

The lake becomes part of Solitude Resort during the winter and is for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

We were pretty bummed.

At the same time this is another reason why we would get snowshoes.

I have been intrigued but wasn't really sure how much we would use them...Seeing that we love exploring around, and the snow it only makes sense.

We decided instead to just walk around Brighton and watch some people on the slopes.

ON the way we noticed just how much snow there really was.

Loved it!

Just made me think howI would love to live with more snow.

It was crazy to think that this whole slope is usually a stream with a mini fall.

Corduroy....This really amuses me more then it should....

It was pretty busy that day, yet not insane.

Virgin snow....

Always trailing behind...

We still have yet to have epic nachos from Molly Green's...one day we will be here ready to eat during season.


The beginners slope.

We sat and watched them for a bit.

Look at all the cars.

We were still in sock since we are usually up here in off season and there are maybe 5 cars total.

I just love this little Haus.

There were tons of blackbirds out and about ...I had to get this guy on his perch.

The ride home was just as pretty.

We didn't see any animals in the hills, just lots of tracks.

Days spent at Brighton are some of our favorites.

Squirrel Shenanigans

So I am sure by now you know that I have a soft spot for squirrels.

They are crazy little critters with a whole lot of personality...sometimes too much.

Anyhow we have about 4 resident squirrels that come by for the corn I put out.

They know the drill, they look in the bedroom window if there is no corn, they have found out that if we are not in the back room we will probably be in the front room, etc etc.

These guys are seriously smarter then a lot of humans out there.

Last Saturday this little guy took the cake.

I was on the couch reading and out of the corner of my eye I see a little spy...

To the end of the branch...

Back to the base...."I see you in there"

Out to the end "Have I got your attention?"

"How bout now.....I am cute huh?"

Then back down the tree...

He then proceeds to hop back and forth along the sidewalk between the two neighbors fences....."look at me"

Next it was up the drive cautiously....

To the porch.

I have never seen them get up by the porch.

"Is this the way in?"

THEN....this happens.....he gets up and is craning his neck to look in "I see you in there woman"

"What do I have to do for some corn around here??? Do I need to do a little dance?"

It was the strangest thing and highly amusing.

I am so glad I got photos of the whole ordeal.