Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April...So Far

It wasn't until the other day that I hadn't posted anything for April.

We got a surprise snow...

And our little squirrel friends have been up to their antics.

We have been just going on walks, enjoying al the spring flowers popping up everywhere.

Every day there is something new to see.

Dandelions are EVERYWHERE!

We have also just been hanging out, enjoying the sun...

Walking around town seeing what is going on...

This little guy was quite the warbler.

Fresh graffiti...

Peeling paint from the winter...soooo satisfying.

V and myself also went to check out the Leonardo on free homeschool day to check out the Flight exhibit.

The most interesting thing to us was that they had "landmarks" for planes at one time, and that some are still there.

We were really hoping for more, but it is hard to beat the Ca Science Center.

So there you have it, our April in a nutshell.

There hasn't been anything super exciting, however we have been keeping busy, happy and healthy.

Not much more you can ask for.

Mountain Man Rendezvous

This past weekend we headed on up to Ogden on a whim to check out the Mountain Man Rendezvous at Fort Buenaventura.

We had never been, but I saw a photo in Instagram so we had to check it out.

It was really fun, especially seeing everyone in costume and the camp set ups.

They had informational and how to areas for everything from skinning to sewing, cast iron cooking, etc.

The weather was beautiful and for $2 you can't really go wrong.

If you are ever looking for something to do on Easter weekend head on up to Ogden...It's an annual event.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life Lately

We have been spending our day (last week) at Game Stop.

V has been wanting the Switch and so we had been at game Stop for every day last week waiting. 

After a couple days of them saying they were getting 10, we got there what we thought was early enough...he was 10 but they only were going to get 9 after all.

Then the shipment never showed...time to line up again.

This time it was pouring rain and we got there at 4am (the things I do for this kid) This time he was #6 in line....score!

Not so fast, they only got 4 in that day.

Later that day we did the math and he decided to do the special bundle pre-order.

Lets just say i'm done with going to GS for a while.

We spent some time at the Payson Skatepark before the Festival of Color.

The squirrels have been back visiting.

Thats always fun.

With the warmer weather they could care less about the corn....stashed nuts are much more enjoyable. But anytime it is raining or "foul weather" they run to the easy corn feeder.

D has been messing around with the camera more and more.

We headed up to the Avenues for sunset the other night.

It was so clear and the vastness of the valley was amazing.

I was just dorking around but still got some shots.

So while there hasn't been anything super exciting going on it has still been quite an enjoyable start to Spring.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Festival of Color

This weekend we headed on down to Spanish fork for the Festival of color at the Sri Sri Radha Temple.

This year was super packed and muddy, yet still a good time.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was out and the clouds didn't start rolling on in till later.

Since the ground was damp the colors really popped.

The lamas were out enjoying the day as well.

This guy cracked me up...he looks like he is wearing a tux.

There were signs all over that asked that color not be put on the temple...there were a lot of people who apparently couldn't read.

Taking a break.

The last color toss before we headed on home.

It was a good day...however I have to say I enjoy the smaller Sunday crowd that we usually see.

This year was just too busy for me...I will blame that on the weather.

Till next Holi...