Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cruiser Fest

Saturday me and D headed on over to the Landcruiser Heritage Museum here in SLC for their "Cruiser Fest".

I almost wanted to scrap the idea, since just getting back from our trip I really wanted to stay home and not be out and about...I am soooo glad that I didn't do that.

I had no idea that this place even existed until I saw a random post in my Instagram feed one day.

Lets just say this place is amazing.

Ok so it might not be everyones cup of tea, but if you are into overland vehicles and vintage trucks this is a great spot.

Even before we entered there were great trucks to check out.

Conditions varied on them, but they were all amazing.

I would LOVE one of these set ups.

There were a lot of right wheel drives on display, most from Japan.

Always prepared...

The wall of "parts" was amazing...I loved seeing all the different colors.

The show left me with so many ideas in my head.

I am so happy that we ended up going, and cant wait till next year when it is on location and see these in action.

Oh Canada...

For Pax we obviously stayed in Seattle.

We always have a good time up there just dorking around, this time was no different.

We had to make a stop at one of my favorite places...Snoqualmie Falls.

We were kinda bummed that the weather was "nice" out since we like it best when it is raining and no one else is there, however it was still nice and not TOO crowded.

We also wanted to try Dick's, we had never been.

It was just a basic burger, but the fun of saying "put some Dick's in your mouth" or "eat a bag of Dick's" was just too hard to pass up.

We saw this tour bus/boat.

It looked like quite the party, however at $40 a person (I looked it up lol) it is a party we will not be attending.

Seattle's food grading system made me laugh.

And we hit up the local mom and pop used game stores for treasures.

And Ivar's (2 locations during our trip) for some fish and chowder.

This sign always amuses me...

No PNW trip would be complete without hitting up some skate spots.

I just really love the graffiti.

Last time we were here a band was setting up for a contest, this time we had the whole place to ourselves.

The fact that the PNW isn't afraid to tell scooters to get lost is awesome......after all it is a SKATE park, not a scooter park.

Too bad SLC doesn't understand that concept.

 With a trip to the local Japanese shopping center, we got some books and of course takoyaki!

One of the guys FAVORITE foods.

Tasty little octopus balls.

We figured this trip we would head on up and into Canada.

None of us had been and we wanted to break in our passports.

Needless to say crossing the border was pretty anti climatic. We really wanted a stamp or something in our passports, but they just looked at them and waved us on.

I did really like their currency much more then U.S. Money.

Unfortunately the city of Vancouver was super crowded and looked like something I would imagine in Hong Kong (tall glass skyscrapers for apartments)

We are just not big city people I guess.

To top that off with all the wildfires happening the sky was just really dank and full of smoke.

They sure love A&W in Canada....I have never seen so many.

One of the highlights was having lunch at Peaked Pies.

If your ever in the area it is a must!

Their Aussie Pies are sooo yummy!

Atleast there were some skateparks.

This is a cool snake run that has been there since the 70's.

Finally a little bit of nature in Canada.

Needless to say we really weren't sad to be headed on home.

Again the drive seemed epically long with all the poor visibility and smoke in the air.

We thought we could do the drive all in a day, however we called it in Boise and decided to get a room for the night.

Good thing too, we all knocked out...better to be safe then asleep at the wheel.

Next morning we had a "free" Best Western breakfast and headed home.

It felt sooo good to be back home and in our own beds after such a long and epic trip.


Over the Labor Day weekend we headed on up to the PNW for the PaxWest convention.

If you don't know, PaxWest is a big gaming convention where all the big (and small) companies show off their upcoming games.

V had been wanting to go so we figured why not. I mean me and D will never pass up a trip to the PNW.

The convention was really fun for all of us.

The fact that they keep the attendance low and are really strict about keeping isles clear, no cosplay photos in the expo halls etc made for a great (low stress) time.

All geared up and ready for the day.

I love Behemoth characters.

It was cool to see the competition area.

Cool customs.

One of the main reasons to come...to play Mario Odyssey a few months early.

The behind the scenes of tournament broadcasting.

Sonic Forces

Cool booths

I love looking at all the systems.

More cool booths

After several tries to get in line V finally got in to play Mario Odyssey.

And Metroid

Even Starbucks was in the Pax spirit, with special drinks.

Had to wrap up the con with a Glados...

It was a great time....until next year.