Thursday, February 27, 2014


I use to go thrifting every chance I got. But then the house became over ran with "stuff" that I didn't really NEED or USE.

I look back at photos and I start feeling claustrophobic just seeing all the stuff. I mean it was never hoarder status but I was a nic-nac queen.

Most of the time I bought things because I wanted them to go into hands that would appreciate them. I just couldn't let them sit, could I?

Then a few years back we moved to a loft. This meant lots of room but little to no storage. So we did a serious purging and it felt good!

Keeping with our new clutter free lifestyle I only go thrifting every so often. Usually when I am looking for something specific or I have a donation to make I will pop on in.

Most times I walk out empty handed since the thrift hasn't been having many good items the past few years.

I blame this on the economy...people just hanging onto stuff and more people shopping there. People having online shops like Etsy and Ebay. But also I wonder if all the "good stuff" has already been donated years ago.

Anyhow once in a while I will find a gem. Yesterday was that day!

This hamper was tucked in the corner with a bunch of sports equipment, but the mustard color and shape called out to me.

And well Mr Bert and Mr Ernie. Need I say more? I love Sesame Street and they are my FAVE characters EVER!

So I guess with anything in life...quality over quanity.

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