Saturday, March 8, 2014

All downhill from here...

So it has been a week since I officially started my last year in my 30's. Yea its a little scary but then at the same time its just another number. And to be quite honest most of the time I have to do the math to remember what my age is (sad I know)

This year my birthday landed on a Saturday so I got to spend it with BOTH D and V.

After looking at the photos I think all we did was eat our way though the day.
But we had fun so it was all worth it.

After sleeping in we had some lunch at our local Mexican restaurant...

3 fish tacos, rice & beans for $4.99...Gotta Love Tacos Jaliscos!

Then it was off to the comic shop to pick up some new reading.

I have started reading Deadly Class from Image Comics and really enjoy it.

Over the years the only comics that I have really enjoyed both the art and story enough to buy have been from Image: Deadly Class & The Maxx (check them out!)

After hanging out there for a bit (it is a time vortex) we headed home to relax some before it was time for dinner.


Having an early dinner meant that it was nice and quiet and not busy yet.

OMG I really am getting old. But seriously who wants to eat in a loud nightclub atmosphere? We prefer nice and relaxing.

Besides an early dinner meant plenty of time for our food to go down before dessert.

So we sat on the porch and enjoyed the rain.

It feels like it hasn't rained in years here in So. California so it really felt as if it was a birthday gift from Mother Nature herself...had to enjoy it.


These are WAY better then candles in my opinion!

Besides there was no way they were fitting all my candles on this little piece of cake now were they?

Pretty much every birthday is concluded with a coffee and cake from Gypsy Den. I went with the carrot this year....AMAZING as always.

This was our first time at the Anaheim location and it was by far our fave. Sorry LAB have just lost your mojo.

We came just in time for the Dj to start. She was playing great tunes and the vibe was mellow as always there.

Spending time at coffee houses is defiantly one of our favorite things to do as a family, and perfectly wrapped up my special day.

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