Saturday, March 1, 2014


So I can remember years ago when the Bodies exhibit had come to Los Angeles. I really wanted to go but it was pricy and we never found the time to go. Then before I knew it, it was gone. I missed it!

Skip ahead and a couple years ago it made its way to the LA County Fair. I was hyped and we had our passes to go in as a homeschooler, we were ready.

Then we found out it cost...Had we known we would have hit that first while it was free before the fair officially opened instead of spending so much time with the blacksmith. (Even tho that time was just as well spent and worth it)

So when a HS field trip was announced to go see the exhibit (it is now at the old Wax Museum) I jumped in with both feet. I was SO there!

(remember that?)

The exhibit was EVERYTHING I hoped that it would be. Very interesting and informative. We spent over 2 hours looking at everything.

I was really sad that there were no photos allowed inside. I was hoping to get some good shots but at the same time the stuff that I would have wanted photos of were in glass so I bet they wouldn't have turned out that great anyhow.

This was all I got from the day...

It was odd that this was just over in a courtyard derelict behind a fence. But I thought it was cool.

I must say my FAVORITE part of the exhibit was the fetal development room. I found it odd that it was off to the side and there was a disclaimer on it so you could bypass it altogether. Why would you want to do that?

It is truly amazing how we develop.

What I did find interesting is that most of the specimens were men and that most of them had been smokers (no doubt died from it)

What I found creepy was the fact that they kept the eyebrows on them.....

Overall it was highly fascinating. D was glad he took the day off and V (all of us really) learned allot.

If you get the chance to see it I would defiantly recommend it. (It is a bit pricy I think, so look for discounts)

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