Saturday, March 1, 2014

Buffalo Blue Cheese Fries

I don't know about you but I LOVE buffalo sauce. The hotter the better!

I had never really been a wings kinda gal. I just never saw the point in all that messy work for a little nibble of meat. However I loved Hooter's. They had the best chicken sandwich that was basically a giant boneless wing.

Skip ahead some years and not meat eating cuts back on Hooter's trips and hot sauce for that matter.

When I would have a craving I would have some "chicken-less" nuggets with the sauce and that works fine.

Then we had gone the no faux meats and getting off processed foods so there went that...until I got a flyer for Carls Jr and their "Buffalo Blue Cheese Fries"

I was hyped (even tho it was fast food) but coupon in hand I went for it.

OMG let me tell you these were the SADDEST fries I have ever seen. It was like 6 fries with 2 cheese crumbles and a drizzle of Red Hot. I was mad so whats a girl to do? Take a photo and write a nasty letter to corporate.


Make my own damn fries at home!

Now this is what I was craving! By the time I get done I am usually good for a few months before I want more. So while yes the hot sauce and fries are not great for you its only once in a while.

Next time I think I will just use real potatoes and roast and top them.

The best part about these? No one else in the house likes them so they are all mine! 

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