Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dodgers Baseball!

Last week we went to our first game of the season. The Dodgers were playing the Angels and lost...BOOOOOO! Even though it was pre-season it was still sad to see them lose.

But it was a good game and we had lots of fun, as always.

I realize that we are from the OC but quite frankly I will always be a Dodgers girl.

V has decided that he is done playing baseball but he still really enjoys watching the games. I guess at his age it was getting to be super competitive and he just wanted to play for fun.

They really should have a just a for fun and fitness league.

After the game we went to check out the new merchandise for 2014.

Blame it on the loss, or the huge bag of cotton candy racing though my veins I bought some items.

Hello Kitty!

I was super excited this year to get some HK Dodgers stuff. I never make it on the promo days and quite frankly promo items are never really what I WANT.

There was so much too choose from, but I was being realistic and got just stuff I would use.

I got a patch, sticker, and pin.

They had a cell case that I wanted soooo bad, however it was for the Iphone 5 (I really wish they wouldn't think EVERYONE upgrades) But I guess it was for the best because D wouldn't have been happy with me spending $44 on a phone case anyhow.

They also had a bunch of cute hoodies and tees.

But whoever is in the position of buying sizes REALLY needs to look at their fans. And I by no way mean this as a jab because I am a bigger gal myself. But all the sizes were super tiny and only went to a large. Just not realistic for allot of the fans.

While I was looking I heard 4 other groups of gals saying that they loved the clothes as well but there would be no way anything would fit them.

So that made me a bit sad that they didn't take the time to think about who their fan base is and who would be buying.

That being said if you are a Dodgers & Hello Kitty fan this is your season for start saving your money!

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