Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Bye March

I can't believe that March is already over. It seriously went by tooo fast.

However it was filled with allot of fun so it was worth it.

We had ALOT of birthday celebrations. So no doubt I spent too much money on food out and I am sure I ate way more cake and ice cream then I should have.

Our fave family from SLC come out for a long visit that was just wonderful for not only me but for V as well.

We had lots of fun at the beach

Ate some fabulous vegan food at The Stand. 

If you are ever in the Laguna area and need a bite to eat this is defiantly the place to go.

Their Guacamole is sooo good and you can buy it in HUGE containers. 

But everything we have had there is super good...

The photos don't do it justice but take my word for it. 

My only complaint is the bread. Even though it was tasty I would much prefer a whole grain or something of the sort

Time was also spent just hanging out and at the park.

I love to see how well V played at the park with his buddies, playing tag, running, jumping, just having fun and being a kid. 

I wish he would play more like this at our weekly park days but it seems everyone just "sits" and talks about video games. 

Legoland was also part of our "March Madness".

It was rather busy compared to the last time that we went , but I guess the hype from the new LEGO Movie had everyone wanting to go as well.

It was a fun day and the weather was really beautiful.

The LEGO Movie exhibit was also pretty cool. They had the basement set there and all the kids really loved that.

But just like all good things, they must come to an end. 

Our friends had to head home, but not before a sleep over, collector toy stores, vintage stores, roller skates, Little India, & The Gypsy Den for Mayan mochas & fabulous coconut cake.

And seriously in a blink of an eye it was over...On to April we go.

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