Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wonder Product!

So yesterday I needed to get an eyebrow pencil. I am pretty picky about my brows and for years with black hair is was super easy.....but now with the red it is harder to get a "natural" but "polished" look.

I was ALMOST going to go to the MAC counter but then I realized that I didn't want to look like a drag queen (sorry MAC, I do love you) But as I am getting up there in age I  just need to admit less is more.

So I headed to ULTA so I could play with the samples on my own.

I ended up falling in love with the waterproof brow clay from TARTE. It is a super warm taupe (allot of the taupes I tried looked really grey) And well lets just say I am NOT ready for that.

Off to the register I went coupon in hand when I was was told that their coupons didn't work for "prestige" items. Silly me I thought that meant the brand know the cheepy one.

Anyhow I was bummed BUT then she starts pulling out gift with purchases. OMG I was so excited that one of them was the product "Its a 10"

I have been wanting to try this product for a while but I never wanted to crack open my wallet for it. I know it isn't THAT much. But all the same I have tried lots of leave ins out there and most either made my hair look like a greasy mess or made me look like I had crispy gel hair from the lat 80's.

So needless to say between my gift with purchase from TARTE and this sample (I shouldn't even call it a sample because the size is quite large) I was happy as a clam!

Now onto the good part...

Anyone who knows me knows that my hair is a hot mess. Years of chemical damage and just wonky hair in general.

My hair has enough curl to make it unruly and frizzy but not enough to make nice ringlets (unless you count the nape of my neck where the curls are ringlets but turn to dreads in a day)

Imagine Nicky from Orange is the New Black.

Anyhow to get any amount of smoothness I would have to hot roller it to smooth it, then use the iron to curl it.

Seriously WAY too much for this girl. And to top it off it never was was just kinda there.

So last night I tried my new product.

OMG I was floored!

First off my hair wasn't sticky and I was able to comb though it (Next time I think i will just finger comb to see if I can keep more "curl")

THEN I woke up today and my hair was nice and smooth and super soft still, with no signs of crisp.

It is super shiny too so that is always a bonus when you have damaged hair.

Overall I have to say I LOVE this product and I will no longer be a cheapskate...I will buy this product again and again!

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