Thursday, June 19, 2014

Across the Pond

I don't know if I have mentioned before, but we LOVE the UK.....Never have been but we just love Europe in general I guess.

Most of the shows we watch are from the UK (and no, not just Dr Who) For the most part we only watch UK TV.

Then after watching all 11 seasons of Shameless (the UK one of course) it was only fitting we go out to a pub.

D has been wanting to go visit  Ye Ol Ship for some good fish & chips.

Me and V went for lunch one day and he had felt left out ever since.

 We hadn't gone out to dinner this month and our anniversary was coming up we figured we should go.

Just another thing on our "Before we leave Ca" list.

As always the food did not disappoint!

I have to say their crisps are the best!.....I could just have a few baskets full and a few beers (I am sure people do)

The fish & chips are great too....not greasy and the fish is super.

V had to have his spotted dick. I am not a fan but he LOVES any kind of treacle. Whatever makes him happy!

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