Monday, June 9, 2014

Dry Shampoo

I have been trying to wash my hair less. Not only because it is a pain to dry (it can take overnight depending on the weather) But also because if I put in the time to style my hair I really want it to last for a few days.

I have tried all types of dry shampoo but I was never really excited about them. I always felt that they sprayed more air then product, or it would never spray consistently.

Now that my hair was red it was also hard to find something that didn't look like I had "dusty head"

I had been seeing different at home methods on Pinterest but they were all for blondes. Then I saw a recipe that said to add cinnamon for red hair and coco powder for brunette.

So thats what I did. I got a little jar and an inexpensive brush and made my own.

I didn't do exact measurements....just cornstarch and enough cinnamon to make it a reddish.

Let me just share that I LOVE it. Not only does it really absorb the oil, but it has a great smell as well.

I just part my hair, get a bit on the brush, tap it out and apply, easy peasy!

Now just like any dry shampoo this does tend to make your hair a tad "dull" but unless you have a super sleek style you won't notice.

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