Friday, June 20, 2014

Lighter Load

Well we had been talking about it and weighing the pros and cons....

And we finally did something about it...

We are now a one car family!

We knew that when we moved we would go down to one car. Seeing the the public transportation is much better in SLC it was only smart.

But that brought on thoughts of when to do it? Wonder if we needed to move faster then we could sell the car? How would we move two cars? The questions in my head were endless (yes I have an overactive mind)

But after V's weekly class had ended we realized that we were paying not only for a car, but insurance, gas, upkeep, etc. on a car that was really a place holder in the driveway. Except for errand days (twice a month) and the quick run to grab lunch because we didn't feel like cooking...LAZY!

Did it make since to be paying out that money when it could be going towards our move? The answer was clear....time to sell.

Let me tell you, it was scary. Im not going to lie, we have been conditioned that each person of driving age needs their own car. I mean hello we live in So. Cal thats the norm right? But if we have learned anything over these past years is that we need to listen to our gut and do whats right for us, not whats the society norm.

So with a quick call to the auto broker and a few photos emailed, it was handled.

The car was picked up and we were one car lighter.

Granted it has been weird to not see a car in the driveway, or to know that we cant just hop in the car to go get lunch. But we live in an area where we can walk into town or ride our bike further if we want.

This week we ate lunches at home. Had a nice walk to the library, and spend NO MONEY! Not to mention that when I called to update the insurance I was told we will be saving more then 1/2 (talk about a hefty credit on our account...whoop whoop!)

Granted errand day will now be errand night, but thats a small price to pay.

I can only say I wished that we had done this months ago! 

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