Friday, June 20, 2014

Milky Buns

The other day D had sent me a link to a new ice cream place "Afters" that was in Fountain Valley.

Apparently they were known for their ice cream filled doughnut. I was intrigued but after our last try with a "novelty" ice cream place I wasn't going to rush on over.

Just an FYI "a la minute" in Orange is not that exciting.

Anyhow on Saturday we were out doing some errands and found ourselves over by Afters. So we had to stop.

You can have just a regular ice cream scoop or cone. But were wanted to try the Milky Bun.....

Step one : Glazed or unglazed doughnut (we did UN-glazed)

Step two: Ice cream flavor (I did Vietnamese coffee and V choose cookie monster)

Step three: Add in? Yes please! (we both did chocolate chips)

Step four: They "seal" the doughnut

Step five: Eat that sucker as fast as you can before you make a ginormous mess.

Let me just say it was 1000000 times better then the other ice cream place in town!

The ice cream was really good and they had a good number of flavors varying from the "normal" to weird type flavors.

The Vietnamese coffee was delish, and so was the cookie monster (blue ice cream with chocolate ship cookie mixed in)

The only downfall of the cookie monster was V the next day asking why his poop was bright green...color theory my dear....

There were all type of toppings from breakfast cereals to gummy worms and everything in between.

When we went there wasn't a line. However the next day when we were in the area (and yes thought about getting another) the line was EPIC so we had to pass.

At least thanks to Afters I have a regained faith in "novelty" ice cream shops.

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