Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sea World

A few weeks ago we took a little trip to Sea World.

We hadn't been in quite a few years and didn't want to pass up this opportunity to go one last time before we left California.

In the past we have always gone with others so we never really got to have the day to ourselves, the way we wanted to experience the park. But this time was different.

We aren't ones for the shows that they offer or the rides.

Instead we got to spend the day just roaming around the park and spending all our time talking to the animals...YES we literally stop and talk to all the animals.

Maybe its an introvert thing, maybe it is just a animal loving thing. Who knows but it made for a great day!

Aquatic animals are just so graceful and peaceful....It really made us miss our aquarium that we had a while back.

It felt like we spent forever in the penguin encounter. However since it was set up for southern hemisphere the lights were dimmed to keep them on cycle and the glass was too fogged for photos.

One of the big hits of the day were the flamingos eating right out of D's hand, and the puffer fish......Because they remind us of D. The puffer is defiantly his spirit animal.

We also got to see a piranha feeding. That was interesting. We had seen them earlier in the day and they were just really peaceful, then we came back right before feeding. They defiantly start acting different when they are getting becomes a faster "pack" mentality. I really expected a more visual display when it was feeding time (I guess I was expecting blood?) Anyhow they just lowered in 2 fish to eat but was crazy how fast they were gone......

Another high point was on our way out the hands on area had flesh eating fish (they just nibbled dead skin) V couldn't get enough!

By this time we were tired and hungry and the park was about to close.

Not wanting to sit in traffic on the way home we decided to head on over to Ocean Beach for some pizza...then ice cream.

It was their farmers market night so we walked around. The town was really cool and super mellow. A very hippie vibe so we were loving it and felt at home.

Their farmers market is amazing! Tons of vegan foods (we kinda ate our way through) Veggies and baked goods as well. There was also a nice mix of crafted items too.

If you are ever in the OB area on a Wednesday night be sure to stop on by.

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