Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The other day we decided to spend the afternoon at the Environmental Nature Center.

We have been hanging out at home allot, trying to save money. But we really just needed to get out and decompress.

The ENC is a great place for that.

When you are inside it is hard that you are just off a main road, and butted up to some excessively huge Newport homes.

It was nice and quiet and I think we were the only people there aside from the scout troop in the "classroom" area.

Can't complain about that!

We explored all the paths and spent a good amount of time in the butterfly house. I guess we came at the right time of year since there were tons of monarchs around.

D got to use up his roll of film he had been working on, and we all got a nice day of decompression.

We will defiantly miss this place when we leave Ca. However there is allot of open space for us to explore in Ut.

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