Sunday, July 13, 2014

Must be Kismet

Yesterday I made a little trip for some fabric, and for a little "me" time.

Since I was so close to the new thrift store I figured I might as well stop on by.

Since D & V weren't in tow and that meant I could spend a bit of time.

I headed on in and noticed allot of the same stuff I had seen on Tuesday was still on the shelfs.

But as I rounded the corner to go down the next isle I saw them.....

I had hit the Pyrex jackpot (for me anyhow since the green is my color)

The employee was just laughing at me and I gathered them all up into my cart like a rabid squirrel.

She had said she JUST put them out, and kept asking me if I was really going to buy all of them. If so she would go in the back to see if they had anymore. 

Sadly all that she had left were mid 80's ones. Not that I really NEED anymore but all the same.

They are all in really good condition too. No scratches inside or chips. 

There were allot more vintage ones but they were patterns that didn't turn me on (like the "Americana" etc) So I just left them for someone else to enjoy.

After that bit of luck the rest of my shopping came up short, nothing new and exciting since last time.

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