Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thrift Score!

The other day I had received an email from Savers saying that members could have "Sneak Preview" shopping at their new location before it was open to the public.

So of course we went. Sadly I had been looking forward to it all week. D had been teasing me that everyone was going to be there and nothing good would be left.

Tuesday came and as soon as D got home we ate and were out the door. He of course had to make a stop at the Asian Garden Mall since we were in the area and he needed a new screen protector.

When gas is over $4 a gallon you kinda have to plan accordingly. All was not a loss though since V got a boba and I got some cafe su da.

I was however chomping at the bit the whole time thinking we were going to miss the good stuff.

Finally we arrived and I was shocked at the number of cars in the lot. Flashed my card and we were in. At first I was thinking "oh no I can't do this" The music was night club loud at the door and it was a sea of people. But then I just got a cart and got in my thrifting zone.

We were surprised at how much stuff there was and how much good stuff that was still around. But then again everyone in the thrift has different "things" they look for.

So here is what we came home with...

As you can see books were a large portion of our score.

There were TONS of Star Wars books but V decided on these ones since he loves encyclopedia type books.

The Tolkien book was cook too since it is pretty much like our Harry Potter Lexicon (perfect for making up your own trivia games)

I found a beautiful gardening book. It has everything from layouts, season guides, growing info, and soil health, etc. Not to mention the beautiful illustrations. I am a sucker for vintage illustrations, and it is useful too.

Savers always has a buy 4 books get 1 free so I almost HAD to get the Hello Kitty book. I figure that I will read it and then pass it along to one of my other Hello Kitty loving friends. To my surprise all the little added items that came with the book were still in there. I got a little excited with a sheet of stickers and an iron on transfer.....Now to think where I want to use it.

I was quite pleased as well with my textile finds. I love the quilt top (aside from the ugly maroon border fabric that I have already removed)

I usually don't buy items unless I know exactly what I will be doing with them but this table runner just called to me. I love mexican blankets but this one was a vintage one so the fabric was much denser and plush (no synthetics). Not to mention the colors are beautiful in person.

D had come to the cart with the records...I usually don't bother since it always seems the ones I want are "missing/stolen" But I was excited to see he had my favorite Stevie Nicks record. The others are for him, although I do love some Tom Jones.

Clothing is always a little hit or miss with us. We are not only picky but finding stuff that fits is not the easiest.

V got a mod button up, and D scored a nice "Harrington" well as close as he is going to get for the time being (OMG why are nice Harrington sooo pricy in the US...when you can find them?)

I was able to find a 70's cable knit and a Pendleton. I kinda have a flannel obsession. Lets just say my closet looks like that of a lumber jack or 1990's Pacific North West. But I love them!

I also found a velveteen dress. Yea it is maternity but seriously when this type of dress was in fashion (back in the 90's) I had a bunch, maternity or not. It is just a flattering empire waist and looks great with Docs and tights. I have actually been wanting them to come back in style seeing that everything else from the 90's is. However they haven't. They have been surfacing at the thrifts though...yea for me.

Part of me felt silly buying so many cool weather items seeing that it is summer and the fact that we are in So. Cal where it never gets lower then 60. But keeping with positive thoughts and determination we WILL have an autumn and winter to keep cozy though in SLC.

So there you have it....our thrift score. Might not be everyones cuppa tea but we were pleased.


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