Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Shoes

For the last few years...(literally it has to be at least 2) I have been looking for a pair of ballet flats.

I had a pair from Keen a few years back but obviously I wore them without socks so they died a stinky death.

On top of that they were and suede don't do well together, and they were more "sporty" then just casual.

Ballet flats have been in style for quite a while so you would think that it would be easy to find a pair, but you are wrong.

I have to admit I am rather picky when it comes to clothes and shoes etc. I mean if I am going to put down good money then it best be what I want and something that will last, right?

So over the years I have looked and looked and it is always one thing or the other...

*Cheap materials
*Too much tow "cleavage"
*Pointed toe (I like round)
*Shiny (I do like a good patent leather but not for a casual shoe)
*Thin on the toe (I don't need to see where my toes are in the shoe)
*Gaps out by the arches
*So low it shows my arches
*Too much "detail" (bling/bows/etc)
*Too much for my wallet (usually the ones I do find and like fit in here)

A few months back I did find a great pair at Nordstrom Rack from Frye, and let me tell you they were darn near perfect aside from the color...and the price WAS a bit steep.

If they were black I would have jumped....but this color...

Not very "wearable".

Seeing that we are heading out to UT this month, and I want to stop by and drop off my resume around town I have been stressing over what to wear. The places I plan on visiting would be casual, however I want to make a nice first impression. I am thinking that my jeans that are more patching then original denim and a tee are not screaming "hire me"

I have been feeling a bit under the gun. I even went as far as looking at Target.

Let me just say I have nothing against Target but their shoes are less then quality. I did LOOK however and found they had nothing that I wanted to spend my money on (I am NOT about to spend over $20 on something that is leaving me less then excited)

I was feeling under the gun so to speak and figured I would just wear my Converse if need be.

Then we hit up Nordstrom Rack while we were out and about....I always look at the shoes but I had given up on finding a perfect flat.

Wouldn't you know it, it was if they were waiting for me...

I had tried on these from Born in the past but the size was one too small and they were brown.

Needless to say I was super excited, and even though they were more then I was planning on spending, they are a good quality brand and quite "classic" so I will be having them for quite a long while. So in the long run it is worth it.

Oh and the foot pad is super cushioned.....At the end of the day it is all about comfort.

Now that I have black I would probably buy a fun color of the Frye ones if I ever came across them again at a reasonable price.

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