Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oh The Road

Just returning from a road trip, and though We did miss being in our own home (AKA no pants and bra necessary) sadly that was the only thing we really were happy to get back to.

Is the universe telling us something we already know??? Time to move on...get out of this place!

The trip was one of job interviews and meet and greets. However finding a job in a new city let alone state is easier said then done.

In my mind we would go up D be offered something, find a rental and come home to give notice. But as usual life doesn't go as planed. He made good impressions and left good vibes, however most places weren't actively "hiring" So while connections were made we are essentially back at square one.

I am still trying to think positive and hope an offer is made so we can make a move before mid November. Between then and early March moving has to be put on hold for foul driving with a moving truck in the snow (ugggg)

I am really NOT looking forward to another holiday season in California. But at least I have March to look forward to.

So enough of my complaining and onward to photos...

We headed of super early....I love watching the sun rise...

One thing we all noticed right way was the actual "blue" sky and lack of chem trails. We got to see real clouds....sadly this is quite the novelty in So Cal.

Lunch stop...How can you NOT stop at a place called "Beaver Tacos"? The food is really good too!

We had lots of beautiful blue skies on our trip....and lots of thunderheads as well....We got rain folks. Again a novelty here in So Cal. Where it has rained for maybe 15 min in about 3 years...I know it sounds crazy, but it is true......Gotta love geo-engineering.....NOT SO MUCH!

One of the storms left an AMAZING, full, and vivid double rainbow. Of course we were driving on the freeway and couldn't get a photo. However when we got to the park i snapped this...

Ut has some of the most amazing playgrounds! This one was a wild west them but I guess there is another that is castle theme too. 

Our friends that we were staying with are in the process of selling their home so we spent allot of time at parks and nature walks while there were showings.

It makes me sad to see how happy and active V is when he is with his friends....Running, playing, climbing, jumping...Around home all the kids just want to be "plugged in" 24/7 and have no desire to be a kid...I feel he is missing out on so much where we are.

Lots of bees were out pollinating these pretty little flowers. We thought they were dandelions but they turned into a spiky pod type thing then to a thistle like pod......

We did our fair share of thrifting as well. I bought a bunch of afghans, swim trunks and Harry Potter Legos for V. Because you can never have too many Legos....

There was this great sewing machine as well. It was a vintage White. But it was one that needed to be in a cabinet mount....and it was $25 (no returns)

The engraving was so great I had to take a pict...and the paint was a baby pink (doesn't show well in the photo) but it was really cute.

All in all it was a great trip filled with great friends, lots of coffee, Dr Who, and gaming.

Even though I didn't get to come back to give notice it was still worth it.

Lots of tearful good byes but next time they will be "see you later" instead....Gotta keep on the positive!

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