Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vintage Vespa

The other week D had got a flyer for a vintage vespa show being put on by Stateside scooter club. It was going to be happening at The Ol Ship...our fave.

So we figured it would be a perfect excuse to go get some crisps and a pint.

V has already made it clear that he wants a scooter as his mode of transport when he is old enough so we were pretty much all excited.

It was a great day....The weather was really perfect and there were even booths of vintage clothes for sale.

I always like to browse, but never think I will find anything in my size...low and behold there was a vendor that had ALOT of larger sizes. I ended up getting 2 that day....

The blue one I grabbed first go, and while I am not really a red white and blue kinda gal I was really drawn to this one, and well the lime green....well its lime green, enough said!

I was so elated that I actually found vintage that fit!

There were a lot of scooters there too. Not TONS but a good amount.

D & V checking them out


Mirrors....all the mirrors!

One of V's faves of the day.

Another of V's faves....pretty much perfect for a daily ride.

More mirrors!

This sticker just made me a happy camper.......

All in all it was a great day....we finished off the show by having our much awaited crisps and pints and some sticky toffee to wrap it up..YUM!

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