Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello Autumn

I just wanted to wish everyone a "Happy Autumn Equinox"!

I know for most people the air is getting cooler, sweaters are being brought out to start their rotation, and leaves are changing colors.

Last fall we were lucky enough to spend some time in Ut and felt real autumn weather. 


Sadly here in So Ca the only way you know it is Autumn is the fact that everyone is swooning over Starbucks pumpkin drinks...yuck!

I am more then ready to make some soups, stews, and shepard's pie...but we have a few more months to go for that.

I am however looking forward to getting some punkins to decorate for the season...and maybe some more tea in the evenings.

We thought we would be gone by now...but things happen (or don't lol) and we just need to move on...knowing next year we WILL experience a true autumn.

That is something to look forward to right?

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