Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Behind the Orange curtian

Orange county is one of those places that makes you scratch your head and wonder WTF were they thinking.

Granted I would much rather live in the OC then any other of the areas in So Cal. I mean we have lived in about every county and we came back to the OC so it cant be "too" bad right?

Maybe it is because I am getting older, maybe it is because I am just really angsty and want to get the hell out of Ca in general, I don't know, but the more and more I look around things just don't make any sense to me.

Lets talk about the Orange International Street Fair...

This is the only weekend apparently that people ever do anything here in Orange. It amazes me at the amount of people that walk up and down the street, riding bikes, dinging bells, etc etc.

Now I'm not complaining about that...I like to see people out and about. However I think that it is funny that this only happens for 3 days a year (ok maybe 4th of July as well)

Where are these people and bikes the rest of the year? We go on a walk every night and out of a mile there are about 3 houses that are out siting on their porch, showing signs of life etc. The rest of the walk is like an abandoned city. I just don't get it. Where is everyone normally?

And I really don't see why it is called an International Street Fair. I get it they are trying to be "worldly" I mean it is OC after all so I am not expecting much.

But look at the list (here) of what is represented. There is WAY more American food then anything else, and of the "international" foods 5 out of 13 are represented with a sausage.

I know most people just go in and buy beer and want to party. But lets just call it a "Street Fair" then and not pretend we are being so multi cultural.

Another thing that made me bristle this street fair was the excessive street sweeping at 12am (or around then)

I get it there were lots of people and lots of trash BUT we live a good 4 blocks from the plaza. Why did the street sweeper need to go down our street full boar 6 times a night? Cars were parked on the street so it wasn't really doing anything anyhow.

I could see in at the heart of the event, but the excessiveness of a non relevant area makes me think that they were padding their milage or time for their city contract.

Not to mention that here in So Cal are in a drought so maybe we shouldn't be wasting water spraying down a street excessively?  Individuals are getting fined for water run off, etc. Whey aren't cities?

Street sweepers do nothing but just move trash around, at least the ones around here.

I could see if it was some sort of vacuum so clean up the debris but all it does it move it to the curb. Basically its the same thing as telling a child to clean their room and they toss everything in the closet.....it "looks" clean but reality the junk is still there, just in a different location.

I really try to be positive and I really didn't want to have this blog a bitchfest, however this was bothering me so much I had to get it out.

I know Street Fair will never change, people love it. But maybe someone at City Hall will see this and look into the street sweeper contacts.

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