Monday, September 29, 2014

Irvine's Global Village

This weekend we headed on over to the "Global Village" in Irvine.

We had never been, and have never really even knew about it. We figured it would just be a little event to go check out for an hour or so.

Well let me tell you it was BIG!

We really had no idea what we were in for. But 4 hours later we were more then pleasantly surprised.

They had an ongoing line of shuttles so the lines to and from went super fast, even though the lines were LONG.

One of our favorite areas (there were 4 sections) was where several different countries had booths and exhibits to get to know where they were, what they were about, etc etc.

Everyone was so nice and welcoming.

We actually were quite familiar with many of the the countries represented, however it was nice to try some local "treats" and "staples"

I think what I liked most were the different instruments. Of course my fave was what I thought was a sitar but it turned out to be a tanpura. I want one sooo bad!

Of course I loved the Indian dancers (can you see a mild obsession with India?)

The fruit carvings (from Thailand I think) were amazing as well. They had a 3 table spread.

Another favorite part of the event was the food...of course!

They had it set up to buy tickets and each food item was from 1-3 tickets. Most were sampling or snack size portions so that was really nice.....

Some of the items we had were....

Turkish ice cream
Veggie pad thai
Spicy hummus and falafal
Takoyaki (octopus balls)

These are all in the photo, the rest of what we ate got sucked down before I was able to get any photos.

Palak paneer (Indian spinach with cheese)
Chana masala (Indian chickpeas in "gravy")
Gulab Jamun (Indian donuts in syrup)

Veggie eggrolls

Needless to say we left with quite happy tummies.

The event also had a "kids area" that we passed on, and a "world religions" tent which was super interesting. We really love learning more about different religions and how they are actually drawn together.

They had a merchants area as well, but there wasn't anything that caught my eye (just basic festival stuff)

I did however buy a necklace from an African charity that helps make and donate prosthetic to children in Africa. There were a lot of groups/organizations/charities there to bring awareness.

Overall it was a beautiful day well spent.

We don't plan on being in the area for next years event, however if we are we would go again!

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