Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My beauty faves...

I wanted to share with you some of the products that I use and love.

I like to think I use a pretty good balance between drug store and high end products and stay within my beauty budget.

**Per_fekt skin perfection gel (in radiant)

Now it IS on the pricy side (luckily I have friends still in the field that get me little treats) so I don't know if I would shell out the money on my own for this because of my budget. But if I had the money then yes by all means!

It doesn't break my face out. Almost every other primer I have ever tired has, and it is super light to wear.

I have really red cheeks and splotches (I think I am getting rosacea but I wont officially admit it) and this covers this nicely. It also makes a great base for my next product I want to talk about...

**Dip-Brow (in ebony) from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

I have to say my brows are my #1 obsession. I blame it on Twin Peaks and wanting soooo much to look like Audrey Horne back in HS.

I enjoy a nice thiner shaped arch with an EXTREME thin pointed tip. Dip-Brow has made this possible for me again! (I had used a cake liner from Benefit, but the color was too "cool" as I aged)

I just love this stuff!

The "ebony" is great for black hair...dark enough to not look brown, yet warm enough to be natural. It really stays on well too even with sweat & humidity (which we have been having tons of here in So Cal)

** Maybelline's "Falsies Flared" waterproof mascara.

For years I used Max Factor, but they decided to leave the US.

So far, for me this is the best mascara I have found. I am always trying out the new products but I keep going back to this.

It is waterproof and doesn't mess with my contacts (no flakes etc) It also washes clean with just soap and water (always a bonus)

When the "Miss Manga" came out a few months ago I was super excited and jumped to try it. I have to say it DID make my lashes look amazing. However I was noticing major fallout and my contacts were not happy.

Needless to say I tossed Miss Manga.

** Rimmel London's "Stay Matte" pressed powder.

I love this product. It is super fine and doesn't look caked.

Over a primer you have a nice even skintone without having the "made up" look.

**MAC "Bronzing Powder" (in refined golden)

I am not a fan of all the iridescent powders on the me they just make me feel shiny and greasy.

This bronzer I have had FOREVER and I was pleased that they are still making it. It is a bit matte but has just enough shimmer to make you glowing, without looking like a sparkle pony. It gives that "healthy glow"

**Highlighting Duo Pencil (in camille/sand) from Anastasia Beverly Hills

I have to say this is my newest addition to my lineup and I just LOVE it.

For years I had been using a pencil from I believe it was Too Faced to line my lower waterline. So I really couldn't warrant buying something new that would be doing the same thing.

Glad I was gifted this item because it is leaps and bounds beyond the other one I had. I use the shimmer end for under my brow, corner of my eye & waterline. If I am wanting "more" I use the more matte side on my waterline.

It is crazy you put it on and think it did nothing, then the light hits and POW. It does so little and so much at the same time.

**Urban Decay eyeshadows

I have to say that UD has some of the best shadows out there.

Most of my collection is UD (mainly because I worked there before V) But I have tried other brands (sure I have a few MAC) but I always go back to UD.

The payout is great and they are super velvety on.

I know there are tons of "dupes" online but just because the color is the same doesn't mean the overall product is.

My theory is I rather spend more on a product I can put on once and be done for the day, rather then spend less but have to reapply and use more product (in the long run the cheaper will cost you more)

**MAC lipsticks

I don't wear lipstick often. I think I stopped when I had V (he never failed to mess it up or get it all over himself when I was wearing) Then not too long after D shared that he wasn't really a fan. Well lets say he isn't a fan of dark lipstick, and in my mind if I am going to wear some it might as well be dark.

So I don't have too much lipstick but what I have is MAC. Their formula just cant be beat. It isn't drying and really it lasts a long time, and that is good for someone like me who doesn't work though it at lightning speed.

UD does have nice lipstick however it dries out too fast for my usage.


My all time fave is MAC's Plushglass (in nice buzz) but seeing that I am on a budget I keep this for "going out"

For a quick trip to the market etc I do like the Plumping Serum from Hard Candy (in nude) it has a good texture and nice color for a great price.

This makes it as my "go to" that lives in my purse.

**Urban Decay cream eyeliner (in perversion)

This is the best cream eyeliner out there that I have found. It goes on velvety smooth and is super dark and did I mention it is waterproof so it really lasts well. No more messed up wings.

I have tried just about every liner out there and this has been my fave.

Well there you have it......

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