Monday, September 15, 2014

Tall Ships

The other weekend we decided to head on out to the Toshiba tall ships festaval in Dana Point.

We hadn't been in years and figured why not.

It was free, the weather was nice, not to mention we needed to get out of the house.

We always love the camp set up, be it Ren Faire, Civil War, Tall Ships, etc.

We spent along time just gazing at the ships and all the rigging. I seriously do not know how they know what rope does what...and how they don't get entangled is beyond me.

We had also spent a good time down by the shore. We had forgot how much we liked the little cove, and it brought back allot of memories from over the years.

Overall the shore was a BIT more crowded then we like, but all the same it was still super peaceful.

Part of me wonders if we will miss the sea when we leave. It is after all one of my favorite places to go. But I will be just as happy surrounded by trees. As long as I have nature.

While we were there we also had the most amazing lemonade!

It reminded me of what my great grandma use to could feel the grit of the sugar in the bottom.

Soooo bad yet soooo good!

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