Wednesday, September 10, 2014


So last night we get a surprise visitor at our door.

Its 9:30pm and I can't imagine who it would be.

D gets the door and it is the police. My first reaction is WTF.

Then he asks for me and if I live there (I am on the couch letting D deal since I am in my Pjs)

I have to admit....I start getting a bit freaked....I know I haven't done anything, but you don't get visits at your door for no reason.

Well I come to the door in all my Pj glory then he explains that a box was found with my name and address on it.

Then it hits me....the boots I ordered.

Apparently my package and others were found dumped a few streets over, empty.

Now I was mad...he went on to tell me with the report I can get a credit on my card and it wouldn't be a problem.

Well there WAS a problem. My purchase was a pair of vintage boots. I don't know about you but shopping for vintage is a one of a kind deal. Add to that the fact that they were my size, and a good price...Its like finding the freaking unicorn.

It wasn't like I bought something off Amazon that could be reordered and replaced.

So not only was I hit with the fact that I wouldn't be getting my boots. I also got hit with the fact that someone was creeping on my porch.

I am home all day every day and to think that someone just slid up and took it without me knowing is bothersome.

D thinks they were taken off the truck. But none the less I don't feel any less violated and sad about humanity.

What is worse is we live in a nice little area......over the years we have lived all over (some super sketchy ghetto areas) and we have only had issues here. My boots, a skateboard a year ago and some vintage lunch boxes when we lived in the same area 5 years back.

Is there a band of mail bandits out there?

After over 2 hours on the phone getting the run around and on epic transfer mode with the credit card company I did receive a credit (which I guess can still be disputed)

The lady from Visa said I was the second person today calling with the same issue...So I am thinking this IS a problem.

Yet I have lost a great pair of boots, faith in humanity, trust that anything I send thought the USPS will actually get to where it is going,  security, and time.

It really makes me these times if people are so brazen....imagine what they will do as things get worse, times get harder, resources less?

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