Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This Halloween V wanted to be Cave Johnson from Aperture Science (Portal/Portal 2)

I think really he just wanted to have sideburns and a mustache, but whatever.

So along with this costume there were the much needed combustible lemons, so being the good mum I went to the dollar store and bought my supplies.

Basically a foam lemon and a toy grenade is all you need (and some heavy duty glue)

And this is what I came up with....

It is FAR from perfect, and really if I was given the chance I would have done a few things better/differently. But seeing that it was a prop for a Halloween costume, and later a plaything I am happy with it.

* I cut the top off a toy grenade with a dremil and sanded it. Doing it again I would probably use a hack saw to get i straighter cut. (the original had sound effects but they were annoying so they found their way to the trash)

* I then painted all the grenade parts a flat black so they looked "less" plasticy

* Reassembled the parts and pressed them down into the lemon....this made sure I had a tight fit and a place for the glue to stick to.

* Glued in place with "Gorilla Glue" (this stuff expands and runs a bit so keep an eye on it...I dried mine upside down)

* Next I transferred the logo on the lemon. I was going to make a stencil but just oped for a print out that I went over with a sharpie till it bleed though to the lemon. Then it was filled in with the Sharpie. Not the best sine it looks messy to me, but I like I said it was just a costume....Not a prop for display.

* I also made a "Flammable" sticker by just drawing it on an address sticker paper and covering it with a piece of packing tape (ghetto laminating lol) Then cutting it out and sticking it on.

* We also went to Home Depot and bought a key ring and cotter pin so it would have a more realistic feel.

All in all V was more then excited with them (I made 2) I still want to make a "nice" one to have as a prop in his room, but we will see.

And now I present to you Cave Johnson in all his glory.

Overall kinda creepy how well the fake hair blends with his real hair.

On a side note...apparently fake facial hair isn't everything it was thought to be......He couldn't wait to get it off and has informed me IF he does dress up for any more events this year he will just be an Aperture scientist (his costume he wore to Wonder-Con)

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