Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello October

I feel that September just swished on by in the blink of an eye. Hey its a good thing....can it be February already?

We have brought in fall and I guess October with a nice little purge.

I love the feeling I get when I weed out stuff and make room. We really don't have much now days however that makes it all the harder....whats left is all the stuff we have been holding onto for one reason or another.

A hard spot was my vintage kids books. I have weeded over the last few years, but it dawned on me that do I REALLY need all of them? I will hang on to my most cherished for passing down to any possible grand kids in the future but the rest need to find new homes to be enjoyed.

Speaking of passing down stuff I will be going though my Fisher Price collection as well. Keeping the really cool and special sets....the rest can find new homes.

It is hard but has to be done.

The kitchen has been cleared of clutter too. I believe my Pyrex were having baby bowls in the cabinets. Keeping my faves and what I really use and the rest gets new homes.

Virtual hoarding has been even harder (well more time consuming) to get a grip on. I have Pinterest and have spent way too much time on there.

Lets just say I had got a bit "pin happy"

So I have been clearing out boards, deleting unneeded boards, etc. It is a freeing feeling.

I also took the app off my phone so I wouldn't be pinning for lack of something to do.

Lets just say I went to about 2000 pins on my Style board down to 1000 something.

Pinterest REALLY needs to have a mas click and delete option.

Now I just pin and have the really special one of a kind things....true visual inspiration boards.

The phone has been cleared of clutter too. Just stuff I really use and need, no social apps, no games, etc etc.

Call, text, email, weather, calender, money & cycle tracker, conversions chart, calculator, and translator.

Oh I do have my "learn Swedish" app and Yelp, but those are useful.

So all in all I will be starting October fresh and with a lighter load.

How do you bring in the new season?

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