Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wood Fire Pizza...When you don't have a pizza oven

For our family pizza is easily our most favorite food.

We love the kind of pizza you can find in the PNW, wood fired, hearty crust, nice and crispy/chard but soft and tender inside.

For a while now Friday nights are our much looked forward to "pizza night" and while our pizza always turns out tasty it was just missing something, the crust was never just right or crisp enough for me.

But seeing that my oven is on the reads one temp but usually runs 50-100 degrees lower. I have now been relying on an analog thermometer in the oven.....but all the same I think the temp is actually higher then it is reading.

Anyhow long story short my crust needed a boost.

So I figured why not try the cast iron....

We tried this for a lunch since I wasn't sure it would work out, and that it wouldn't make enough for the 3 of us for dinner.

I actually do a lot of my experiments during the day now....after having one too many fails at dinner time and ending up with a PB&J or Del Taco, a dinner we really rather not have.

But this one worked out.....

This was cooked in my 12in cast iron and is MORE then enough for the 3 of us. 2 pieces per person are more then enough and it makes 8.

It has a lovely crisp crust with char but the crust "lip" is super soft and tender.

It is a bit harder to cut with my pizza wheel but I guess it is a legit reason why I need the other pizza cutter I have been wanting.

So here is the deal...there really isn't a recipe so to speak so I am just going to give you the steps.

1. Preheat oven to 450-475 (aim for 475.....mine was being wonky so I know I was in that range)

2. Get your dough ready (store bought is fine I am sure but I make mine using this recipe.

3. Lightly brush your cast iron with olive oil (up the sides too)

4. When dough is pressed out to about 14inches lay it in the pan (it should creep up the walls, thats what you want)

5. Now brush the dough lightly with olive oil....lip and everything

6. Put on your sauce and toppings

7. Place on your stove (high) for 3-5 min (I was waiting till I heard a sizzle...this makes the little crust so it wont stick)

8. Place in hot oven for 20-30 min. (I think I was in there for 18 min.....just keep an eye on it when it gets down to the wire)

9. Take out and let cool (I would say a good 5-10 min)

Just a few notes....

*Take the pizza out of the pan before you cut (otherwise you will wreck your pan)
*Def let it cool, otherwise your toppings will slide off
*To reheat pop on the cast iron cook at 350 for a few min, till cheese is melted again (the crust will be like the first time)

Hope you enjoy!

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