Monday, November 3, 2014

Adios October

I can't believe that October is behind us, it seems like it just flew by.

I can't say that I am sad or complaining though...

Most of October was spent going though the house and purging out stuff that we didn't need or use. Usually I would just make a drop at the thrift shop, but this time we went though the garage and had some furnature as well that wouldnt be making the cut.

So we had a yard sale. I haven't had one in years. Mainly because I cant stand the idea of having the stuff sitting around waiting for the sale date. And well I am not going to lie...the whole people bickering about prices just isn't my thing. But we had one and made some money....and just for a few hours can't complain.

I also realized this month that I am getting older. I know that isn't a revelation or anything....we all are getting older every minute. But as I am approaching 40 I have realized that physically things are changing.

I have definitely been getting more grey hairs. Maybe it is the fact that I don't color my hair nearly as often as I use to, but they are definitely more prominent. It seems that they are in bunches at my temples so I am really hoping for a striped look, but time will tell. Part of me wants to just color and cover it. then the other part of me wants to do a teal so I have teal highlights (but do I really want to deal with hair color bleeding on sheets, clothes, and furniture again?) So for now it is just there....growing out/in as it pleases.

I have also realized my skin has changed. I never noticed this until I was in the market for foundation. I have always been on the oily side so I still look for matte and oil free formulas. Well after buying way too many foundations and being disgusted by the results I had to seriously look at what the problem was.

I now have dry skin.....go figure. I would say maybe it is because of the season change...but HA there is no season changed here. Just changing skin. Luckily I was able to find a foundation that I am happy with from Boots. Their "list and illuminate" It covers all my red areas, doesn't feel gross on my face, and didn't break the win.

Halloween came and went this year without much fanfare. It is hard to get in the "spirit" when it is hot out. We decided not to spend the money on candy to hand out this year (past years we have over 2000 kids) and V decided that he didn't want to Trick or Treat this year anyhow. Instead we walked into town for a coffee and waffle sundae.

I am however hoping that this weekend is not a precursor to the whole month.

It was just one of those days (2 to be exact) where whatever you did or tried to do something went wrong. Something must have been of with the universe, time change or something because a few others I talked to felt the same way.

We DID however get a nice healthy rain on Saturday, so it wasn't all bad.

As I welcome November I am realizing that it is actually quite packed with events and activities so lets hope the wonkyness has passed. I mean quite frankly it can only get better right!

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