Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chalk Art

The past weekend they were having the Utah Foster Care Chalk Festival at the local outdoor mall so we wanted to head on over and see what had been created.

First of let me say that everything was really good.

Secondly it is amazing what people can do with chalk. They must have been using pastels or some special stuff because my drawings never look like this (well they are obviously more talented as well so that always helps)

Here are some of our faves from the day...

The feature artist was still working on his when we were there so that was fun to watch......again.....AMAZING!

It was definatly with it to come see what had been done. The mall however was meh... But then again I think it is just that fact that we dont "do" malls lol

And Ben & Jerry's was gone so that made us sad.

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