Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chili Rellenos

Chili rellenos are some of my favorite foods. There are alot on my list but these have to be on top.

Although most anything that uses roasted green chilies is on my list.

I have always made them by putting them in flour then in a scramble egg mixture. This sadly never turned out like the restaurants.

Then I found the trick while watching a freind make just use egg whites and a bit of yolk....EUREKA!

So the other night I decided to try them again and they turned out really good.

They are definitely a labor of love and time consuming.

You literally have to baby sit each one.

So while this isn't something that I would make all the time it is way better then going out and paying the high price when I have the craving.

While there is no "real" recipe I will walk you though it.

Pablanos or big green chilies
Eggs (separated)
Jack Cheese
Olive Oil (or cooking oil is fine...your choice)

* Roast chilies either on the stove top or in an oven set to 400. Turning every 15 min or so till charded and soft.
* Set aside to cool
* Cut cheese into strips/blocks that will fit in your chilies
* Once chilies are cooled rinse under cool water and remove the skin and seeds carefully (Ideally you just want one slit to slide the seeds out and cheese in)
* Insert cheese and set aside
* Separate your eggs (I have found that one egg white per relleno (plus one) works well)
* Whip egg whites with either a whisk or mixer (I use the mixer since I'm not skilled in the whipping department)
* Once the whites are super fluffy and are forming peaks gently fold in ONE broken yolk
* Heat a non stick pan on med/high heat and add a tsp of oil
* Once pan is hot scoop a bit of the egg mix into the pan and flatten some (you want enough to make a "bed" for the chili)
* Place the chili on the egg mix and cover with another scoop of the egg mix
* Once the bottom is a nice golden brown you want to flip the relleno carefully (it like to slide out so I usually use a fork & spatula to help it along)
* At this point you want to tilt your pan and make sure that the sides of the relleno are getting cooked as well
* Once done place of a cookie sheet/cooling rack in a warm oven while you cook the others
* Enjoy!

I will usually just warm some of my green salsa and pour that on top and serve them up with some Spanish rice.

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