Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Goya Time!

I have to say I LOVE goya/potstickers, whatever you want to call them. There is just something satisfying about their crispy little bottoms and there savory insides.

For years we had a favorite brand of veggie potstickers that we would get at the Asian market, but as time went on they just seemed to put more and more soybeans inside so that was turning me off.
 Not to mention they were packaged and for the most part we really try to stay away from any packaged or processed foods.

So after reading some recipes online and You Tube, I have came up with this recipe for veggie potstickers.

They really are quite easy to make and freeze well. Once you have made your own, you will never want store bought again!

Veggie Potstickers

Potsticker Wrappers
1 TBSP Garlic Ginger Paste
1 TBSP Hosin Sauce
2 tsp Sesame Oil
1 tsp Sriracha (or hot sauce of choice)
Ground Black Pepper (to taste)
Shredded/Diced Veggies
* In a med/large bowl mix the above ingredients together (everything but the veggies)
* Dice or shred your veggies of choice. I usually add the following (depending what I have on hand)
 Carrots (shredded)
Zucchini (shredded)
Green Onion (sliced thin)
Bean Sprouts (diced) 
 Mushrooms (diced)

* I usually add a small handful of each into the bowl and mix as I go. You want everything coated but not swimming
* Keep adding veggies till there is no sauce at the bottom of the bowl
* Lay out about 6 wrappers (keep unused wrappers covered while working)
* Scoop about 1TBSP of filling in the middle of each wrapper
* Place the filled wrapper in your palm
* With a wet finger draw a line along the border (this helps seal it)
* Pinch together the edges of the wrapper, then pinch/pleat it (the pleating is not necessary, but it helps them stand up in the pan)
* Set on a cookie sheet and make more 

* Heat a nonstick pan (with lid) to med/high heat
* Use about 1 TBSP oil in the pan
* Place the potstickers in the pan (give them room to breath) 
* Cook until the bottoms are golden brown (uncovered)
* Add about 1/3 C water to the pan and cover
* Turn heat to med/low and cook till all water is evaporated (the wrappers should be steamed by this point (if they are still "white" they need more steaming).....if they need more steam time add a tad more water)
* Take off lid and check bottom for "done-ness" (V likes his less crispy so i takes his out sooner, where as I like more of a crisp bottom so mine are left in longer)
* Serve up with a side of fried rice and sauce
* Enjoy!

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