Monday, July 27, 2015

Forrest School

I think the one thing I like most about living in this area is the amount of nature that is accessible and free to explore.

In California there were just a handful of places that you could explore, and even then you had to pay to park or pay to get in.
Once you were there you had to deal with the large amount of trash and stuff (baby diapers) left behind from those who used the area and obviously didn't care about it.

We have been to several neighborhood trails and also full fledged wilderness areas since we have been here and all have been great. Sure you see a little can or something left behind, but nothing like in Ca.
Overall that is something I have found here in general...People know what trash cans are for, and use them.

Last week we finally made it out to "Forrest School" in Big Cottonwood. It was a small group that day but the weather was perfect and so was the location.......a meadow filled with wild flowers, trees, and a stream.

That day while exploring me and V saw a deer and one of the other kids saw a moose. I wanted to snap a photo but they were just too quick. I think I need to just set up a chair and sit for a while and see what comes past for a photo.

I was looking forward to the wild strawberries everyone had been talking about, however we didn't see any. I guess our little forest friends got first dibs...its only fair I guess.

There were tons of flower...and gopher holes. I am assuming they were gophers since I saw them running along the road all day in the area, but I could be wrong.

After exploring V and myself were both hungry so we decided to go a bit further up the road to Brighton.
Obviously was no snow, yet people were hiking up the slopes and enjoying.

It was great for us since we have never been and that is where we plan on going snowboarding this winter.
I was happy and very relived that the green runs were not intimidating and look really doable for beginners like us.

We had a snack at the one cafe that was open and they had great battered fries and onion rings.......oh and more gophers to watch begging for food.

All in all it was a lovely day.....Now to bring D up to see it all.

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