Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Donut Falls

Yesterday we had Forrest School up at Donut Falls.

It was the first time we had been, and quite frankly I was scared. My leg had been acting up so I wasn't quite sure I could make it.

 But it was rated a great hike for kids so I figured I would take the chance.

Soooo glad that I did. It was a great day and a lovely hike.

Of course all this is made better by laughing with friends along the way.

Again I only brought my phone so some of the shots are borrowed from a friends blog Joyful Liberation

And AGAIN V surprised me by climbing to the top of the falls....In the past he was always Mr Cautious.....Maybe being a teen is kicking in.

Exploring with his buddies...

From the water bridge...

The whole falls.....if you look close you can see V at the tippy top.

And of course the REAL reason why I pushed though and went on the chipmunks! They were everywhere and adorable!

Look at that little body leaping

Little thief....

Happiness on the way back to the car for donuts.....
The day was wrapped up watching horror movies and having more pizza (he has had pizza for 3 dinners in a row now)
Good Times!

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