Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Salt Lake Gaming Con

This past week was the Salt Lake Gamer Con.....So you know that V had to go.

I went all days as well, but spent most of it just people watching or coloring.

V had his group of friends so that was really great!

You know how I had said that this kid is surprising me every day....well he knocked my socks off this week.

First off he decided to enter the cosplay contest.

He has always dressed up for past Cons but has never entered anything so this was new and a step out of his comfort zone.

Then I just figured that I would be  watching him game all weekend and maybe holding his head when he got tired of it.

As soon as he saw his friends he was gone....

I am really glad that he is finding his place in the group and making such great friends... Even if it is a little lonely for the old mom.


V was dancing......

I mean he dances at home, but in public I would have never believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes.

You can see for yourself here....

and here

Overall it was a fun 3 days....

Fueled by junk food and too much soda...YES!
Do it again next year.....YES!

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