Friday, August 14, 2015

Wyoming Road-Trip

The other weekend we headed on out to Wyoming to visit their roundhouse.

There was a train show going on and figured it would be a great wind down day after the excitement that was Gaming Con.

Not to mention it would add another state on our list of where we have been.

We were definitely playing tourist and stopping at all the look outs for photos.

I love this one of the guys....pretty soon they will both be the same height...Ekkkkk

We had a great time at the show and I think my favorite part was the exploring the not yet renovated areas. (I took tons of photos on the "real" camera that day so I will have a whole post for that coming up.)

We had a great lunch in the little town of Evenston then headed back home...But not before we stopped for some fun stuff....

This trip was  definitely what we needed after the Con.

We cant wait to go back again and explore deeper into the state as well, it was beautiful!


  1. We stopped at that sign a couple of weeks ago--same reason! Madd to put it in her Another State belt. : )
    I'm glad I found you! (From your fb page... I thought I remembered your saying in passing "my blog...")

  2. Glad you found me....Adding states is always fun!