Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Autumn Aloft

Earlier this month we had an early wake up call and headed on out to Park City, for their Autumn Aloft event.

Not only was it an early morning, but it was a chilly one too.

Yea that is ice on the field...

And a parka on V

It was interesting to see how the balloons got filled and how much (or rather little) room was in a basket.

Lets just say I will NOT being going up in one any time soon.

They were super pretty to look at though.

We met up with some friends and that made the cold and earliness fade.

The heat from this was so welcoming...

D was out there taking photos as well.

The kids were troopers...they are NOT early birds!

However they still had plenty of fun and laughs!

After it was over it was warming up a bit so we headed on over to the local skate park.

I wasn't skating so I decided to enjoy the early fall scenery instead (while watching the boys)

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