Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Better at Brighton

A few weekends back V had a full day hanging out with his buddies, so I decided to show D around to some of the areas me and V had been.

I really wanted to bring him to do the Donut Falls hike, but it was just crazy busy that Sunday (any weekend probably)

Instead we decided to go to "The Meadow" It was great...We were the only ones there.

It was the first time D had been out exploring and since it wasnt a "designated path" He kept asking if were were allowed to be there and if it was ok. 

That's 40+ years of California conditioning for you.

After exploring there we decided to head to Brighton. 

We decided to check out Silver Lake since it really wasn't a hike but rather a boardwalk (we were pretty much tired by this time anyhow) 

The water was sooo still and clear. I love watching the seagrass (or whatever is is called) move with the current. Reminds me of horror movies but I love it all the same.

After a walk around the lake we headed up to the resort for some lunch and to check out the different runs.

We wanted to know what we had to look forward to come wintertime.

Then with full bellies and tired bodies we headed on home to vedge till V came home.

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  1. Brighton is the flattest ski resort. : )
    It is beautiful at Silver Lake. We'll be heading up for a stroll, soon.