Sunday, September 6, 2015

Blood Lake

The other day we took a hike with friends to Blood Lake.

We had never been. It was just a bit further up the mountain from the meadow and was beautiful!

From the parking area you can see far into the valley.

Off we go...


 The hike down wasn't bad and the view was beautiful.

We headed on down and around the lake to get to the rope swing.

There was a little path for the most part, however there were some spots where you had to think about your next move.

Overall it was easy enough.

For the most part we had the lake to our-self's.

It was a mild day so I am guessing in the heat of summer it is far more crowded.

With the weather so mild, the water was a bit too chilly to venture into (the little guys in our group jumped right in though)

The teens decided it was better to soak up the sun on the rocks...


Then we all headed on over to spend the rest of the time in the sun chit chatting with the others of our group.

After a while we called it a day....

The hike back to the car, while short was harsh.
* It was steep (we took the other rout because we didn't want to circle around the lake again)
* The altitude was high (10K+)
* I'm out of shape

It reminded me a lot of the steep entry to Little Corona beach. But much like that, the beauty is much worth the "pain"


It didn't seem to bother the kids though....or maybe they just had In & Out as incentive.

All in all another great nature filled day with friends!

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