Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cosplay Games

Yesterday was the SLCC Cosplay Games.

The kids of course wanted to participate.

It was a scavenger hunt of sorts, where we had to figure out riddles for locations around downtown then have a group photo at each location.

For getting all 10 right and in the time slot everyone got a free 3 day pass to Salt Lake Comic Con.

We started off strong...


But by the end (it was over 10400 steps, and 5.3 miles in 2 hrs according to Teri's pedometer)

We were all pooped and parched to say the least


But even so there were still smiles all around.

Everyone had fun, but we were so happy when it was done.

There was a group photo around the Comic-Con car then lunch at Creekside.

After lunch I think we all headed home to vedge for the rest of the day.

I know we did.

What did I learn from the day?

* How easy it was to ride in the fare free zone (we will be doing that more to explore)
* Not to wear flip flops for more then to the pool
* Bring water EVERYWHERE I go

Again I have to thank Teri again for photos....I was in charge of the tickets and locations so I only got one shot of the day.

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