Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Evanston Roundhouse

Last month we had headed on out to Evanston Wyoming for a train show.

I did a previous post with my phone photos that you can read HERE. 
The city has apparently bought the roundhouse and is in the middle of doing a full refurbish.

Half is complete (and beautiful) I seriously would love to move in and live there. I really miss loft living and cement floors.

That par was where the train show was. You know the standard set ups and displays (I didn't take many photos of the show)

Instead I took tons of photos outside and of the "raw" areas.

I must say I REALLY enjoy structural decay more then anything else.

After we explored and were done with the trains we headed on downtown for a bit to eat...and more photos of the town.

It ended up being a beautiful day.

We also were able to put another state on our "visited" list.

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