Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fair Fun!

Yesterday we went to the fair with some friends.

It was the first time at the Utah fair and it was much different then the Ca fairs that we were use to.

First off it was WAY smaller in size. However that was not a bad thing at all. I actually enjoy a smaller scale, more home town feel. I guess I just have Charlotte's Web in my mind. But that is what a fair should be.

There were lots of animals and they were all really accessible. That is always nice, rather then being in far away pens.

This was a funny sign......I guess you cant say they didn't warn you.

This little fuzzy was too cute (they all were) but this guy reminded me of by bunny when I was a kid "Buttercup"....and those little bunny feet...uggggg sooo cute!


This little sheep was just a week old, and sooo cute!

More goats, just because they are so darn cute.

 The food was pretty much the fame fair stuff. However the signage was SOOO much better.

Super cute!

There was even a different take on the Ca "Zucchiniweennie"

 The zucchini one was kinda gross so I can only imagine what the pickle version was like.

Cool old school troopermobile.

And there were a lot of "freak show" tents as well.

We didn't go in any, but the old school signs were fun all the same.

The teens took off as usual....teen independence.

From http://www.joyfulliberation.blogspot.com/

Being silly in line dancing.

From http://www.joyfulliberation.blogspot.com/

And riding lots of rides!

From http://www.joyfulliberation.blogspot.com/

We survived rain (pouring), lightning, thunder, sunny skies and wind. But by 6 when the ride wristbands were expired  our feet were sore and we were more then ready to head on home.
As always a great day out with friends!

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