Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fifth Water Hot Springs

Yesterday we went for a hike with some friends to the hot springs.

Oh our way to the trail-head it felt like we were in India....The cows definitely ruled the area and you never knew if the road would be blocked as you rounded the curves.

Lots of mommies and their babies.

We knew it was a longer hike, but the path we took was to be the "mellow" hike. That is was NOT!

Good thing it was so beautiful!

The fall colors are starting to emerge...

Overall we hiked more then 6 miles and there were definite grades. However I think if the weather was 20 degrees cooler it would have been lots easier.

Taking a little break to cool the feet (the water was warm though from the springs)


Gaming talk between the boys no doubt...


We were sweating like crazy so by the time we got to the hot springs the last thing we wanted to do is be in hot water.

However we did get in...then out.

Reg size and mini size boys...


After having some fuel and water and rest we were feeling the urge to get back to the car and have some "linner"


 Gimpy girl slid and the boys had to help her walk it off.


We missed this on the way in......Too funny.

We didn't encounter any nude soakers while we were there though.

The thought of sitting naked on those mossy rocks isn't something I would want to experience...ekkkk

I don't know if it is a hike I would do again.

MAYBE in the cooler weather...

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