Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Finding our Groove

We have now been here in Ut for four months now and are finally starting to find our groove.

I am sure that the fact that it was summer when we jumped in didn't really help much.

Non stop activities, hanging out, pool time, and just plain setting up house wasn't helping us find a rhythm either......Not that we were complaining.

The good thing with doing all these fun activities was that we were able to make bonds with a great unschooling group of mamas and their kids.

It has been such a different experience for us from the past 12 years in the unschooling groups in Ca.

We just never really clicked aside with a handful of people...most of which have moved away anyhow.

V now has a great group of teens that he spends almost all his time with...when he isn't gaming, and even then he is Skyping. That has been a great bonus and one of the reasons why we chose to live here.

The one thing that we are still trying to figure out is D working from home.

You would think off the bat that it would be the best thing ever.

However that has not been the case.

Are we tired of each other? No, Do we get in each others way all day? No

Does he miss interaction and mindless banter of the office? Yup, I guess he does. All the stuff he would drone on about as "annoying" he apparently misses.

He always claims he doesn't "need friends" but apparently he does. Hopefully he will find a hobby or some people that he can talk with etc.

With us going out and about so much hasn't been helping the fact either (quiet house and no one to talk to) 

But now with summer wrapping up we seem to be home as much as we are out doing stuff so it is leveling out and everyone seems to be more at peace.

So slowly but surely we are finding balance in life with home, work, learning, and activities.

We have been doing weekend drives just to get out of the house. This past weekend we did a drive down though Provo.

Saw Bridal Falls (I think that's the name)

Then continued though Heber for some lunch.

We saw the cutest little Motel

It reminded me of something from Solvang.

It was a great day and really makes us to remember to get out spend time together and explore on the weekends.

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