Monday, September 21, 2015

India Fest

Saturday was quite an eventful day for us. We woke up super early to head on out to "Autumn Aloft" (A post for that event is on its way)

But in the evening we headed on down to the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork for their India Fest.

The building was just beautiful....and strangely out of place in UT

They were finishing up their yoga when we got there.

They were also putting the finishing touches on the fireworks.

They also had a lot of animals around the property

This bird was quite the talker (well more like making cat call type sounds)

And llamas!!!!!!

These guys came rushing out of the "feed bin" when they realized there were people there to show off for.

This one has such pretty coloring...and their lashes...OMG!

I want to have llama lashes.

You can also see D in the background giving rub downs.

More of the temple.....It was just sooo intricate.

He wanted to get up close and personal when he saw my phone/camera

View from the top floor of the Bollywood dance lesson.

The bottom floor was the buffet that by the way has delicious food, as well as a store.

Then the top floor was the temple.

We watched part of the drama, but it got really chilly and we were pretty much pooped from the day.

When the lights went on it was even more beautiful then during the day.

On the way back to the freeway we saw this little place and had to make a dessert stop.

Super yummy shakes made with real fruit!

While we were waiting we saw them making onion rings.....hand battered and fried.

Next time we are in Spanish Fork I am trying some.

All in all a good mellow wind down from a hectic day.

There was a show that me and D wanted to go see, however we were pooped and just wanted a shower and our pjs.

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