Saturday, September 12, 2015


On Labor we wanted to check out a new area....So Millcreek it was.

I think everyone had the same idea. It was pretty crowded and parking was hard to find.

We decided to just drive as far as we could to check out the views.

As you get higher the road starts to narrow and at one point we just had to turn around and head back down the hill.

Narrow roads with lots of people and big SUV type vehicles just don't mix.

We were able to find some parking on the way down at several locations and got out to explore...

Moss! I just love moss and I was excited to see it in the summer.

A hive that I spotted in the tree. I have never seen a hive in nature so it was exciting.

The water was so clear, and the mosses were sooo fluffy.


Overall it was a nice little get time we just wouldn't go on a holiday weekend.

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