Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Sunday we ventured out to our first Oktoberfest EVER.
It was also our first time up in Little Cottonwood. Definitely a Sunday Funday of firsts.

The drive up was super pretty, the leaves are just starting to change color.

What did we learn before we even got in???? The resorts have trams at every parking lot (I guess we are too use to Brighton and their one lot)

Needless to say by the time we reached the gates were were famished.

Time for some grub!

By the time we got done eating it was getting packed (good thing we ate when we did)

Then off to look around...

V was excited to taste "original" Mt Dew....with the real sugar. He liked it a lot better then the modern stuff.

They were seriously the cutest.....they reminded me of when we would go to family dinners when I was little.

I kinda want a truck like this......How cool would that be?

Rounding out the day with another stein (this time good German beir, not the UT stuff that was in our first stein....) and the best cheese fries EVER!

After we had our fill of Oktober fest we headed on up a bit further to Alta.

Then back down the hill we went.

It was a great Sunday and a beautiful drive. I am partial to Big Cottonwood though.....That feels like home. But I am sure we will still visit Snowbird when there is some snow, just to hang out and have a meal.

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