Monday, September 21, 2015

Utah State Fair (Part 2)

D never got to go to the fair with us the first time we went.

So on Friday night we headed on over again.

Our main goal was to check out the arts buildings and look at all the animals.

We accomplished our goal and I think that D seriously have every animal who wasn't asleep already a little rub down.

It was much more crowded at night then when we went the other day. However it was still far less crowded then any CA fair we had gone to.

We had ate before we got there, so first order of business was to get a funnel cake.

We got the chocolate and Bavarian cream....because if your going , you might as well go all the way!

It was sooo good. Super warm and crisp......We really could have ate another, but we decided not to be gluttonous.

These carvings in the home arts building were super cool.

D wasn't the least bit interested...but I was strangely intrigued by the butter sculptures.

I think it is just because I have never seen one, and it is just always something you hear about.

I wonder what is done with all the butter when it is done? It kinda makes me sad to think that it is probably just tossed out and not used....what a waste.

This also caught my eye in the home arts building. I LOVE spinning wheels......Especially one that is painted with folk flowers!

There were several ladies spinning on site as well and their foot powered wheels were amazing......

We finally made our way to the animals.......Of course most of our time was spent with the goats. D loves the goats!

This little guy was super spry and was leaping and hoping around his pen......He was quite the character.

Goat love

I told you he has to pet everyone...

The cows were settling in for the evening

This cow is the exact way I feel most days......

 Cows got some love too...

They were super warm.....not to self....if I am ever freezing, find a cow to cuddle up next to.

I love the Jersey cows......All they need is to have flowers on their head and around their neck....

More goats......these guys had spandex outfits on and looked like they were ready to Jazzercise!

 This guy we named "Grumpy Goat"

There was a bee exhibit  and this is just crazy if you think about it......never again with I complain about the price of honey....

And more goat petting.....I bet you thought I was kidding when I said D has to pet EVERY animal....

 This gourd was crazy huge.......D wanted to do a funny photo with it and this lady wouldn't move.....But it shows just how big it was.

Another cute food sign that I didn't see our first time at the fair.

After petting all the animals, having some kettle corn, corn on the cob and a ride down the giant slide for D we were done for the night.

Until next year!

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