Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Natural History Museum

Earlier in the month we visited the natural History Museum with fellow Unschoolers.

It was both mine and V's first trip here.

Needless to say we LOVED it.

It is so well thought out and neat that you can view the dino bones from all different angles and heights.

This floor was a bit creepy, but really cool all the same to get a different size perspective.

This was a cool visual of how the whole valley was filled with water and the waterlines over the years.

Bird migration paths.....SLC is a rest stop.

 Primitive tools

Their displays were done really well.

Fossil storage

 A mock up of "Darwin's Study"

It was pretty cool.

 All the bead work was amazing.

Rooftop view of the valley

 It was a great time...and we will definitely be back!

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