Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October Fun

The month of October had been quite a busy one.

We had started off the month with our road trip and then it just had never really stopped from there.

Maybe it is because everyone in our circle of friends is just so darn excited for fall?

Or that we all LOVE Halloween?

Whatever the case, October has been one for the record books.

He are a few things that we have been up to...


There was lots of fun for the little kids, while the teens headed out to explore.

Then came back with a baby snake

Lots of cute animals.....because its a working farm...

 Nothing better then having property with a creek running though it.

And a pond


Heading off to skate in Park City

Swings are always fun

They always find a way to be silly

It had been so long since he has rode ramps.....But he hasn't lost it.

 Nature hike as always....

 Teens and their "hanging out"

More shenanigans.....


It was a day for indoor fun.....
The kids got so sweaty and wiped out.

Foam pit!

My little "Frogger"

Soooo much easier to slam dunk with a trampoline!

Everyone was hyped....gearing up.

The team...
They went in blazing, however their learned real quick there is a reason why so many people there wear vests.....your torso is tender.
But they want to go again, so they must have enjoyed it more then it pained them.


We got together with friends at the park for a day of fall themed food and fun.

Making leaf crowns

Helping Rowen with the scavenger hunt.

Climbing trees

And rolling down the big hill with all our unschooled friends

We have never been here and well lets just say it is "interesting" Lots of country crafty shops....
They have a petting zoo!

 Alpacas! We LOVE them sooo much!

Off to explore the "village"

But then we were back for more fuzzy lovin!

We decided that we needed a break from all our outings, so we soaked in the hot springs with friends.

It was super fun until the evening when we were hungry prunes.
We ended up having dinner at a local place and be piggies only to have a food coma drive home.

It was that time again....and if we didn't gorge enough the night before, we were sure to now.....

Duckie Death Stars

Soo cute
But why does my duck have sooooo many eyes?

Great food, Great friends, great fun & memories.


A few of the kids loved the animals so much at Gardner's Village, they wanted to go volunteer with them.
Getting animal introductions....so many names to remember!

Baby turkeys

And the alpacas!

Yea so we have been just a bit busy this month, and that's only some of the activities.
More to come!

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